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Kath’s Four-Day Win: Chapter 1

This post was originally posted at my new faith-based weight-loss blog: So Help Me, God… Come by and visit! Oh, Martha. How I love thee. She cuts right to the chase: “WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN FAT?” Oh, right. Eat … Continue reading

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Recap: SparkPeople Convention ’09

I joined SparkPeople at the end of February 2009.  The site is amazing, and I was thoroughly addicted for the entire first week. I mentioned it to my sister when I saw her over Easter, and she immediately joined too. … Continue reading

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Starting over…again.

I saw this post Monday. And I so empathized with her that I had to chime in. By the time I was done commenting, it was almost its own post. Oh, honey…I am SO right there with you. I am … Continue reading

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Weighing in: Back in the Saddle Again

Well, I spent about 45 minutes doing Wii Fit this morning, which inspired Little Sis to do some herself. Hey…it’s a start. And that’s what I think they key is to a lot of healthy habits. The ability to start … Continue reading

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