Should I get “a little more work done?”

Remember that stress-related acne scar I had fixed a while back?

I had a follow-up appointment today with the plastic surgeon about my nose. I was planning to discuss dermabrasion with him; when he entered the room and took a good look at my scar, he also mentioned fillers.

To make a long story short, dermabrasion will cost $400 and be permanent, but it may only improve the appearance of the scar by 20%. A filler will cost $300 per half-syringe and last 6 months to one year, and combined with the dermabrasion should improve the appearance of the scar 50-100%. Using my own fat as filler will cost $1500-2000 and will last anywhere from a few months to forever.

I dunno. I’m not really up for all this. We haven’t even discussed the risks yet (infection, unwanted lumpiness, etc.).

And it’s my own darn fault I’m scarred, anyway.

On the other hand, it’s my FACE!

What do you think, faithful readers?

(For reference, the first pic was taken with a camera; the rest with the webcam. The scar is actually on the right side of my nose; left as you’re looking at me.)



"Nose job:" one day after

"Nose job:" one day after


Look, stitches!

Look, stitches!

After: July 7, 2009

After: July 7, 2009

UPDATE: Lynn C suggested I help y’all along, so here are a couple of the pics with red pen:

Before (see red pen)

Before (see red pen)

After (see red pen)

After (see red pen)


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7 Responses to Should I get “a little more work done?”

  1. MizFit says:

    you know, Im all for plastic surgery in that ID NEVER JUDGE and if one does it for the right reasons and it truly makes that person happy—who is this tattooed woman to judge.
    it’s all body modification isnt it?

    all I can tell you is (I so wanna meet you in chicago and) the first thing I noticed was NOT your nose. PERIOD.

    the fire in your eyes.
    your fantastic smirk.
    and your AWESOME glasses.

    thats all Im sayin’

  2. Sandwiched says:

    Miz, you’re so good for my ego! I’ve nearly refrained from posting ANY of these plastic surgery posts. One, because it’s like admitting my own flaws. Two, because my nose aside, I could find ten more imperfections to be embarrassed about in each pic.

    But I posted anyway, because it’s the REAL me. It’s my REAL life, and this d*mn scar is a direct result of caregiving stress. It’s all part of the package.

    But if these posts help anyone else out, it’s all worth it….

  3. Lynn C says:

    ok, I give up. You’ll need to circle the problem area in red pen or something in your before picture, because I cannot find this “crater”.

  4. Naomi says:

    Hmmm …. my personal opinion is in two pieces :

    (1) If you would feel better about it, then by all means go for it (the more expensive one with a higher percentage of success option, I guess?)


    (2) Not ever having seen the before/after shots, it sure looks damn good to me! I’d tend to suggest you save that $1500-2000 and the risk of it not working/lasting and go to Vegas for the weekend!

  5. michelle says:

    Hun, if it’s going to bother you, fix it and put it behind you! I emailed you a while back about basically the SAME scar I have. I want a permanent or long-term filler, so I am saving up the money to get it done, just so I can FORGET it. It would be easier to forget were it not–you know–on the tip of my nose 🙂 I am interested to know what you’ve decided to do. Best of luck, babe!

    • Sandwiched says:

      I’ve decided to leave it…for now. Friends and family tell me they don’t even notice it anymore. If and when it does start to bother me, I’ll probably start with dermabrasion and take it from there.

  6. Christopher says:

    I’m from germany so I’m sorry for my bad english.
    In July I decided to remove a permanent red dot from my nose, because I feld very insecure about it. He said that it can leave a scar, but the scar will be not as visible as the red dot, so I decided to remove it. I asked him if he could do it with laser and he said that it will leave a bigger scar. And now after 6 months the scar is still visible and some of my friends said that is more visible that the red zit. They’ve never noticed my red zit, but I saw it all the time. Now I hope, the scar will go away. 😦 Now my dermatologist will smooth the margins. By the way here is a pic. And what I want to add, now I have new red dot but it’s a lot smaller than the old one.

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