Trying day: classic Sandwich material

Today has been, shall we say…a TRYING day.

Classic Sandwich Generation responsibilities:

  1. Get kids off to school The cupboards were bare, so breakfast was scant; had to send Big Sis to school for breakfast. Which she sometimes refuses to eat if her bus friends aren’t, so I drove her today-MUCH to her disappointment.
  2. Grocery shopping for our household and Grandma’s
  3. Preschool pick-up
  4. Grandma pick-up, grocery delivery and Little Sis bathroom break
  5. Lunch for Grandma (former foodie now constrained to a kidney failure diet), Little Sis (must have palatable kid food) and myself (a Weight Watcher). Plus another Little Sis bathroom break
  6. Taxi driver to doctor
  7. Sam’s Club shopping. Oh, and a Little Sis bathroom break
  8. Taxi back to doctor for Grandma pick-up and brief kidney failure orientation, complete with booklets and two VHS tapes (do I even OWN a VCR anymore??)
  9. Quick stop at McDonald’s for…wait for it… a Little Sis bathroom break. And an iced coffee, to soothe my jangled nerves
  10. High speed taxi ride back home
  11. Elementary school bus stop pickup complete with my agreement to watch neighbor kid tomorrow morning
  12. Big Sis wails to go to elementary school hayride that evening even though I’ve already told her we won’t have time
  13. Unload Sam’s Club purchases
  14. Let out dog
  15. Check in with husband by phone
  16. Collect children, who have disappeared to play with neighbor kids
  17. Pick up Subway sandwiches for early dinner with Grandma
  18. Delivery of Grandma, children, Sam’s Club purchases and sandwiches to Grandma’s
  19. Homework help and more wailing by Big Sis about hayride
  20. Dinner and wailing
  21. Taxi to dance class while wailing (but this time, I join in)
  22. Change girls into dance clothes and do hair (Big Sis escaped before I could put her hair up)
  23. Fill out dance fundraiser order form and write check from my personal account because the joint checkbook has been missing for a week and a half
  24. Change Little Sis’ shoes from ballet to tap and implore her to listen to the instructor instead of writhing around on floor
  25. Compliment Big Sis on her hip hop dancing and listen to her promise that she’ll do anything for me if only I take her to the hayride that started a half hour earlier
  26. Watch Big Sis drop to her knees, burst into tears and beg
  27. Advise Big Sis that she’d better pull it together, or “So help me…”
  28. Taxi back home; husband texts that he’s shopping for last-minute science experiment supplies for tomorrow’s Girl Scout meeting
  29. Consider pursuing child psychologist for Big Sis, who has now started telling me how dumb she is, hitting herself, and asking me to murder her (that’s really not normal for a 7 year old, right??) over the stupid hayride
  30. Dry run of science experiment
  31. Husband comments on excessive clutter, I burst into tears
  32. TiVo presidential debate
  33. Blog my stressful day

So if anyone has the number of a good child psychologist in western Pennsylvania, you’ll let me know, won’t you? If this keeps up, I’ll have to take up therapy again myself.


About Kathleen

Kathleen Heuer is a serial arts advocate and volunteer. She is the mom of two beautiful girls, wife to a brilliant nuclear engineer, and referee between her golden retriever and her hissy 18-year-old cat. For more, go to
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3 Responses to Trying day: classic Sandwich material

  1. susan says:

    Oh I feel it, I really do! Our week is great because yesterday’s grandma appointment turned out to be cortisone shots instead of knee surgery and today’s appointment revealed that she GETS TO KEEP HER EYE. Everything is now weighed against that. If no one needs a fake eye by the end of the day, it’s a win.

  2. Sandwiched says:

    I love it! You know, that really puts everything in perspective.

    It’s a good day when no one loses an eye.

    I think I’m going to cross-stitch that one.

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