Unsatisfying weekend

I’m not saying it was bad, just…unsatisfying. I looked forward to getting a belated birthday present from my husband (never happened, and looks like it won’t), busting out my new chaise lounge and settling in with my current book club read (as if!), and test driving my new Wii Fit (ran out of time and energy). Instead I spent time on laundry, dishes, and trying to feed my kids something they wouldn’t complain about eating. As usual. Oh, and forcing a gloopy, pasty, NOT tasty antibiotic down Little Sis’ throat.

Plus my husband is rebuilding the deck on the front of our house, so what time he usually has to spell me so I don’t go postal with the kids is now gone. For now anyway. But I can’t complain too much, because I’ve been nagging him to do it for about 6 years now. Besides, last night he finished with the decking and the stairs, so at least it’s functional again for the first time in a month. And it DOES look great.

On the bright side, though, we did go to a great party on Saturday night. Friends of ours threw a terrific backyard party where they celebrated their 20th anniversary and renewed their vows. It was so beautiful! The ceremony was moving, the company was great, the kids entertained themselves, the food was fabulous, and as night fell, they lit a bonfire and did s’mores. Can’t think of a better way to spend a summer evening.

So Big Sis has two more days off of school: Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday is “Kennywood school picnic day.” Here’s the deal: Apparently school districts all over the city and suburbs build in an extra day off for the kids specifically to send them to the amusement park. When you get there, there’s no actual picnic, you just get to go in with the discounted tickets your school sold you. Everyone around here goes. They’re not required to, nobody takes attendance. They just go because it’s “tradition.” As a transplant from the Chicago area, I say it’s a huge marketing racket. I can’t imagine my school district growing up giving us a day off to go to Great America!

Anyway, I’m completely over Kennywood lately. Been there, done that. Over and over again. Yes, I know, we’ve only lived here 7 years. How can I be tired of Kennywood already? I don’t know, but I am. Rather be at home with my book and my Wii. But no one asked me.

So I’ll pack up the sunscreen and the bucket hats, the water bottles and the overpriced discounted tickets, and we’ll go. Again. The kids will have a blast, we’ll spend too much money on overpriced food that will blow my Weight Watchers plan (my first week back, and I’ll have to miss my meeting tonight, and I’ve LOST, darn it!). And we’ll head home with crabby, tired (“I’m NOT tired!”) kids.

Wish me luck.


About Kathleen

Kathleen Heuer is a serial arts advocate and volunteer. She is the mom of two beautiful girls, wife to a brilliant nuclear engineer, and referee between her golden retriever and her hissy 18-year-old cat. For more, go to http://about.me/kathleendheuer.
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2 Responses to Unsatisfying weekend

  1. Faith says:

    I’m sending happy belated birthday wishes. I understand not having someone to give you a break from the kids is hard. Thinking of you

  2. Nessie says:

    I’m really glad you enjoyed the party. It was so wonderful that you and your family could join us to share our special day. Yumm!
    Thanks for the cup cakes!

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